VULKAN coupling

VULKAN coupling is used for diesel engines in marine and generator systems. 

VULKAN are flexible couplings that can be mentioned as a stimulus in the marine field.

Due to its flexibility, this coupling can be used in diesel engines to transmit torque and prevent and reduce damage caused by vibrations to the diesel engine and propeller.

Their purpose is to transmit rotational motion and torque without changing motion. They have many variations of shapes. Couplings are used to ensure the safety of the drive.

Couplings can be divided into three categories: mechanical couplings, hydraulic and electromagnetic couplings.

One of the functions of the coupling is to extend the transmission lines of the axles or to connect the sections of different axles, whether they are in the same direction or not.

Mechanical couplings are classified into permanent and intermittent couplings.

Permanent coupling can be fixed or movable and can be rigid or elastic coupling.

Vulcan coupling is an elastic coupling with a rubber sleeve, and the parts of these rubbers are installed in parallel.

VULKAN can be used for a passenger ship or a workboat.

SEAWIDE company can assist you in choosing the appropriate coupling for your specific needs and benefit from their dynamic properties and the long product lifetime.

Highly Flexible Couplings

Flexible coupling is used to transfer power from one shaft to another and also reduce the risks of vibrations.

Types that can be named:

  • Cardan shaft coupling VULKARDAN L, VULKARDAN P.

EZR is a type of rubber coupling with a very flexible twist used for industrial applications and they can be used anywhere that requires a flexible connection between two parts that are almost coaxial, and to prevent damage and To reduce the possible risk of impact and vibration, 2 pieces should be used.

And therefore, due to its high quality, it can be used in various conditions, including marine systems and generators.


VULKAN VULASTIK L is a highly flexible axial coupling used for various industrial applications and four qualities of rubber and silicone couplings are available in order to adjust the coupling according to different system needs.

VULASTIK L coupling parts include hub and flange body.

This disc element is vulcanized on its inner radius, the outer radius is connected to the flange cover by a plug tooth and can also be used for power generation and auxiliary drives.


PTO use cases are when it is not in the main drive equation or it travels a very long distance where diesel engines are considered as the main drive.

The main components of the VULKARDAN P coupling are internal and external couplings that are opposite each other and have high torsional flexibility and good damping properties.


VULKARDAN F can be used instead of VULKARDAN E, which is well established and one of the flexible products of VULKAN, and its design can lead to a reduction in weight and a very short installation length.VULKARDAN F is suitable for flexibly mounted drive systems and allows compensation of radial, axial and angular deviations.

VULKARDAN F is available in four tires. Among the benefits of this type of coupling, it can be said that it is used in high alternating installation torques and the damage caused by temperature is effectively reduced. And it is easy to install.


Vulkan provides highly adaptable couplings with superior flexibility through diverse torsional coupling designs suitable for placement in bell-type housings or standalone installations. These configurations come in single or dual arrangements, utilizing either natural rubber or silicone materials.

The couplings feature a remarkably compact design, optimizing the performance of engines with elevated power density. The included spline mechanism simplifies the process of axial engagement during assembly.

To enhance longevity, integrated supporting rings are included to prevent slipping or the formation of cracks in the gear teeth.

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