The Stromag shaft coupling series is capable of covering a torque range of 25 Nm to 15,000 Nm and is suitable for operation from -50 to +80°C. The rubber couplings are available in two formats and various hub designs are available to meet many needs and when properly specified the couplings must meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. SEAWIDE’s team of expert engineers are available worldwide for specification, installation and support.

The connecting ring is made of aluminum. Disc tires are made of a malleable steel angle ring. Natural rubber can be used at temperatures from -50°C to +80°C. The high temperature coupling type can be used from -30°C to 120°C.

Stromag Periflex VN Couplings are highly flexible elastomeric couplings with linear spring characteristics that are suitable for diesel engines and are capable of covering a torque range of 160 to 63,000 Nm.

The Stromag Periflex VN Coupling is a coupling used by a plug-in axial connection for installation and disassembly of both the entire coupling and the flexible element.

Application :

Stromag Periflex VN couplings are used for piston engines, and the coupling ring can be directly attached to the flywheel of the engine or compressor. The axial plug plays a very important role and has special advantages that are used in industries such as compressors, construction machinery, engines and shipbuilding.

Instructions for the designer:

Stromag Periflex VN coupling hubs are made of steel or ductile iron. The connecting ring is made of aluminum. Disc tires consist of an angled ring of steel or malleable cast iron with a volume of vulcanized elastomer. Natural rubber (NR) can be used from -50 to +80°C and is resistant to ozone and oil.

centamax4000 (2)

centamax2800 (2)

centamax2400 (2)

centamax1600 (2)

Centamax 800 (2)

Centamax 1200 (2)

The GKN Stromag Periflex:

GKN Stromag Periflex Top Torque The GKN Stromag Periflex Top Torque concept is a highly flexible rubber coupling ideal for connecting two shafts in diesel engines and electric drives. And its coverage is from 35 to 20500 Nm.

GKN Stromag Periflex Top Torque, due to its unique special design, can perform very high displacements in any direction without wear.

The tire is a radial connection for mounting and dismounting, the connected vehicle does not need to move, so the GKN Stromag transmits torque completely without reaction. It is suitable for absorbing torque shocks and reducing shocks.

GKN Stromag GE Coupling

Rubber couplings are durable for high power transmission in diesel engines and also with high power density and high torque transmission in the range of 2000-270000 N/m.

Disc coupling VN

This disc coupling is very flexible and suitable for diesel engines, and also for IC engines, the torque range it can cover is 80,000-160 N/m.

PTT and PTS Series:

PTT series:


It is a standard design with variable hubs for shafts, flanges and connections and the ability to cover the nominal torque range of 35 to 20,500 Nm.

PTS series:


The shaft coupling version is for short installation and shaft removal. Maximum coverage in the range of transferable torque from 130 to 14,200 Nm.

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