The CENTAFLEX-K series is a two-piece coupling that is often suitable for hydrostatic construction equipment and can easily perform for lower horsepower applications. CENTAFLEX-K series is durable, oil resistant and suitable for high ambient temperature applications.

Couplings enable hydraulic pump drives to operate at speeds above the operating speed range, thus creating a drive free of harmful resonance.

A Compact and Sturdy Design for Optimal Performance The CENTAFLEX-K series presents a streamlined two-part coupling characterized by its high torsional stiffness and resonance-free operation. Specifically designed for hydrostatic-driven construction machinery, the CENTAFLEX-K adeptly handles lower-horsepower applications. Crafted from shock-resistant glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, the CENTAFLEX-K boasts exceptional robustness in a compact axial design. Offering both durability and cost-effectiveness, the CENTAFLEX-K series is resistant to oil and well-suited for applications in high ambient temperatures. This series incorporates a blind assembly to minimize the effort required for mounting. Supplied with a preassembled hubstar and flywheel connections compliant with SAE standards, the CENTAFLEX-K can be equipped with the CENTALOC spline clamping hub to prevent fretting corrosion. Additionally, it is available for non-standard flywheels.


Hydrostatic construction drives, for example: excavators, vibratory rollers, loaders, cranes, concrete mixers and pumps, small compressors.

Durable Composite: This connection utilizes a blend of robust steel and a specialized polymer that offers high shock resistance and temperature stability.

Hubs: Modifiable hubs can be altered in form and length as needed. They can also be fitted with CENTALOC clamping device to reduce fretting.

Lightweight: Compact, light design, safe in operation with a long service life maximizing its usage in industrial applications


CENTAFLEX-KF one-piece coupling for diesel hydraulic drives with matching input shafts. This coupling is used to compensate radial misalignments up to 0.7 mm. CENTAFLEX-KF is resistant to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and has a short axial structure.CENTAFLEX-KF consists of a laser adapter plate for flywheel connections, a secondary flange of reinforced plastic and a thin vulcanized layer of heat-resistant elastomer.


CENTAFLEX-KE is a one-piece coupling with high torsional stiffness. CENTAFLEX-KE is made for diesel hydrostatic drives with flanged pumps and splined input shafts, made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic and elastic rubber bushings on the outer diameter, high performance and durable.CENTAFLEX-KE is oil resistant and suitable for high ambient temperatures. CENTAFLEX-KE is very easy to assemble.

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