Centaflex A series couplings offer high flexibility and misalignment. They reduce vibrations.

It is capable of reducing torsional vibrations and shocks and reduces axial, radial and angular inconsistencies.

Among its applications: marine drives and gasoline and diesel pump-drive sets can be mentioned.

One of the positive points that can be mentioned is that it can be easily moved and installed and can be used as a shaft in different lengths.

A very important point to note is that the same rubber element can be used with different steels.

CENTAFLEX A series couplings are available in several standard configurations.

Electrically insulating and heat-resistant silicone or rubber construction is operationally safe and allows for reaction-free torque transmission even in high-torque applications.

Material: Natural Rubber (NR) or Silicone (SI)

Temperature tolerance capacity: NR (rubber) -45 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius / Silicone: -45 degrees to +120 degrees Celsius

Rubber Elements: available in different degrees of Shore hardness, increasing torsional flexibility and dampening vibrations and impacts.

Versatile Configuration: An extensive selection of adapters, flanges, and hubs provides exceptional customization options for the CENTAFLEX-A, enabling it to cater to the requirements of virtually any application.

Innovative Fastening: Axial-radial connections greatly simplify the assembly process of the CENTAFLEX-A, facilitating swift and straightforward replacements.

Precision Engineering: Designed to accommodate substantial misalignments, making it well-suited for applications with exacting alignment requirements.

CENTAFLEX-A is also available in five models:

  • Type 0 and 0–S:

Made of high quality natural rubber or silicone and available in various Shore grades

and S type for plug assembly.

  • Type 1 and 1–S:

Rubber element with hub for drive

Type S for plug assembly

  • Type 2 and 2–S:

Rubber element with hub for drive

For all applications in general mechanical engineering

  • Type 3 and 3–S:

Rubber element with simple flange

Type S for plug assembly.

  • Type G / GB / GZ:

The driving shaft is very flexible and available in any desired length

Cutting-edge design with exceptional flexibility

The CENTAFLEX-A series couplings are engineered for high-performance and exceptional torsional flexibility. Designed to dampen torsional vibrations and absorb shocks, CENTAFLEX-A provides superior protection for your equipment, surpassing others in its category. Capable of compensating for significant axial, radial, and angular misalignments, CENTAFLEX-A effectively addresses common coupling and bearing failure issues. The electrically insulating and thermally resistant silicone or rubber construction ensures fail-safe operation and delivers backlash-free torque transmission, even in high-torque applications.

The CENTAFLEX-A series offers a range of designs, including an axially blind-fit configuration with radial mounting capability. Couplings come with a split rubber element for convenient replacement and easy maintenance. User-friendly and easily mountable with minimal effort, the CENTAFLEX-A series torsional couplings come in various sizes and lengths to meet any installation requirement as a constant velocity shaft. Featuring carbon-fiber and glass-fiber options, the couplings allow for endless configuration and customization possibilities.

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