Centaflex H is a developed coupling specially developed for connecting diesel engines and hydrostatic pumps are relatively small, it is advantageous to use a rigid coupling to connect them to a diesel engine.

The main component of the coupling is the flexible element, manufactured in heavy-duty molded Hytrel, with inner aluminum or steel bushings that are alternately bolted onto them. In terms of appearance, as you can see in the picture, it is very different from other couplings. The flange surface is radially closed on a standard cylindrical hub.

Robust Elastomeric Components: Incorporating a sturdy elastomer configuration with integrated metal bushings to mitigate torsional vibrations and absorb shocks.

Hub Options: The hub is available with a cylindrical finished bore and keyway, a finished tapered bore and keyway, or with splined profiles and the CENTALOC clamping mechanism.

The torque is transmitted through the mounting plate to the flexible element through axial bolts on the metal parts, and from there through radial bolts on aluminum inserts to the cylindrical output hub, on which it is usually fixed.

Due to the critical rotational speeds, it can be transferred to speed ranges higher than the engine speed, and therefore this coupling can be used.

The coupling is usually attached in a housing between the diesel engine and the hydraulic pump or power distribution gearbox.

This option can be used even with a completely closed chamber at a very high temperature and its resistance to oil.

Its resistance and very high thermal stability -50 degrees to +150 degrees Celsius (-58 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit)

Without hub shaft screw clamp.

It is designed in four designs:

Type 1: for direct installation on the flywheel, consisting of a cylindrical steel hub, a flexible element with metal parts and all screws.

Type 2: complete coupling is complete and consists of type 1 and flanged hub.

Type 3: It is for mounting on the adapter plate and is suitable for any flywheel. Consists of Type 1 design plus a flanged mounting plate.

Type 4: with cast adapter plate for standard flywheels that meet SAE J620

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