REICH Coupling

REICH is one of the coupling manufacturers known internationally for producing high quality, high performance flexible torsional couplings used in a wide range of power transmission applications.

From a manufacturer of spare parts for the mining industry to an internationally renowned specialist in power transmission engineering.

Reich continues to produce complex coupling system solutions.

One of the features of this REICH coupling is power transmission in advanced equipment.

Reich Drive Systems UK Limited has over 20 years experience in the world of mechanical power transmission.


ARCUSAFLEX Coupling is a very flexible torsional flanged coupling with axial connection capability and short AC type.

Highly flexible and axial rubber disc coupling for internal combustion engines.

Available in 15 sizes: from 200 Nm to 110,000 Nm

Temperature range: -60 to 130 degrees Celsius


Drive shafts are used when there is a large displacement of the axis or a long distance between the drive and drive components or to compensate for the distance.

Highly flexible and soft twist couplings for universal joint shaft installation.


RCT coupling can be considered a suitable solution for connecting diesel engines to hydraulic pumps.

The coupling element consists of a durable metal inner body with a thin rubber coating that effectively reduces torque shocks and can compensate for the small axial, radial and angular displacements common in flanged hydraulic drives.

One of the fundamental components of SEAWIDE’s success is the principle of “the right is always with the customer”, which makes it possible to introduce and supply customized power transmission products of high quality and durability. Our commitment to flexibility, quality and on-time delivery, combined with our ability to meet the most diverse needs, ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of REICH Coupling

→ Exceptionally elevated torsional flexibility with a linear torsional deflection profile
→ Strong capacity for damping torsional vibrations and absorbing shock loads
→ Torque transmission without any backlash
→ Convenient assembly facilitated by the plug-in design with substantial axial movement
→ Accommodation of significant misalignments
→ Torque limiting to safeguard the drive system from overloads
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