CENTA® POWER. POWER, for us, transcends mere strength. POWER, for us, embodies the fervor to discover optimal solutions. It signifies the ongoing enhancement of proven concepts, the establishment of fresh benchmarks in performance, adaptability, and service. Every product carrying the CENTA® label manifests POWER in a distinctive manner, guaranteeing unadulterated potency, eliminating disruptive influences, and facilitating optimal outcomes.


Versatile coupling solution suitable for a diverse array of applications. Designed to accommodate a maximum number of design variations. Built upon an exceptionally elastic rubber element exclusively experiencing compressive stress. Features a highly efficient design with elevated torsional flexibility. Effectively mitigates torsional vibrations.


Sturdy coupling with significant torsional flexibility, particularly designed for independently mounted gensets. Ensures backlash-free transmission of medium torques through a steel flange onto a precompressed rubber element.


Compact and dimensionally efficient coupling with elevated torsional stiffness, engineered for resonance-free operation. Constructed from a material blend of steel and exceptionally shock-resistant glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Possesses a highly robust and concise design, exhibiting notable torsional stiffness for fail-safe performance.


Versatile shaft coupling suitable for a diverse array of applications, ensuring the secure transmission of substantial torques. Exhibits an exceptionally robust and reliable jaw-type design with elastomeric elements exclusively experiencing compressive stress. Demonstrates moderate torsional stiffness with a progressive characteristic.


Cost-effective design for a flexible shaft coupling providing maximum application adaptability. Features an exceptionally robust and fail-safe jaw-type construction with an elastomeric element experiencing compressive stress. Exhibits intermediate torsional stiffness with a progressive characteristic.


Exceptionally flexible coupling designed for linking gear and propeller shafts, ideal for applications with restricted mounting space. Enables backlash-free transmission of torque and propeller thrust through a highly flexible rubber element. Specifically crafted to minimize noise and vibrations in situations with limited space constraints.

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