Arcusaflex COUPLING

The ARCUSAFLEX® coupling (short form: AC) is a highly torsionally flexible flange coupling with an axial plug-in facility, providing a torsionally soft connection between an internal combustion engine and a driven machine. The highly flexible torque transmission characteristic is achieved by a disc-shaped rubber element that is subjected to a torsional load and enables both the absorption of high torsional vibrations and the compensation of major misalignments. Various vulcanisates are available to achieve optimum adaptation to the given application conditions: A natural/synthetic caoutchouc mixture is the standard version for application temperatures of up to 80 °C, more heat resistant mixtures for up to 100 °C/120 °C and a silicone mixture for higher application temperatures up to 130 °C.
The inside diameter of the rubber element is vulcanized directly to a hub body or bolt-on sleeve. The toothed profile on the circumference of the element provides a virtually backlash-free, positive plug-in connection to the coupling flange when in service.
The ARCUSAFLEX® flange coupling series covers a torque range from 210 Nm to 72 000 Nm.
Element versions of different dynamic torsional stiffnesses are available for optimizing the torsional vibration range. The flange connection dimensions of ARCUSAFLEX® couplings comply predominantly with the SAE J 620 and DIN 6281 standards. Other flange dimensions or overall lengths can be provided on request.
Shaft-to-shaft connections when required can be met by ARCUSAFLEX® shaft couplings which consist of an ARCUSAFLEX® flange coupling of the standard type equipped with a second hub. Type approvals from a number of leading classification societies have been obtained. If required, couplings complete with a fail-safe device can also be supplied.
ARCUSAFLEX® couplings comply with ATEX explosion protection. They are certified according to directive 2014/34/EU and may be used in hazardous locations (categories M2, 2 + 3). ATEX documentation to supplement the operating instructions is available on request.

Arcusaflex ACT4 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 7 WN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 6 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 5 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 2.6 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 2.3 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACT 2 SN (2)

Arcusaflex ACH 5.1 NT (2)

Arcusaflex ACH 11 SM (2)


Very high torsional flexibility with a linear torsional deflection characteristic.
High torsional vibration and shock load absorbing capability.
Backlash-free torque transmission.
Ease of assembly thanks to the plug-in type design with ample axial float.
Compensation of major misalignments.
Torque limitation protecting the drive against overload.
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