VULKARDAN F can be used instead of VULKARDAN E, which is well established and one of the flexible products of VULKAN, and its design can lead to a reduction in weight and a very short installation length.

suitable for flexibly mounted drive systems and allows compensation of radial, axial and angular deviations.

VULKARDAN F is available in four tires. Among the benefits of this type of coupling, it can be said that it is used in high alternating installation torques and the damage caused by temperature is effectively reduced. And it is easy to install.

The design of this coupling significantly increases the heat loss, which leads to high power losses.

In addition to the aforementioned, a modular setup is available that can be connected after the coupling is installed to achieve the highest comfort requirements.

The highly flexible VULKARDAN F couplings can also be installed in applications with high alternating torques, effectively reducing possible temperature damage.

It is used for gearboxes that are high performance and to effectively prevent gearbox noises, especially for F50 and smaller sizes.

High alternating torques and temperature-induced aging processes are effectively reduced.

and the amount of torque range TKN [kNm]

5.2 kNm – 32.5 kNm


Suitable design for the smallest working space and easy handling and suitable weight to take care of engine bearings and also against vibrations and can also be used for generators.

Due to its flexibility, it is prepared in four versions of natural rubber. Soft element in combination with a high performance membrane.

Application Areas

The VULKARDANF is the evolution of the well-established VULKARDAN E, complementing highly flexible VULKAN couplings below the RATO R torque range. In comparison to similar couplings, the VULKARDANF stands out with its compact design, resulting in weight savings and a very short installation length. Additionally, the optimized element design enhances heat dissipation, leading to high power loss. As a result, VULKARDANF couplings can be used in systems with high alternating torques, effectively mitigating temperature-induced aging processes.

The VULKARDANF is particularly suitable for elastically mounted drive systems, offering compensation for high radial, axial, and angular misalignments through a radially very soft element combined with a high-performance membrane. The VULKARDANF is available in four rubber qualities as well as silicone, allowing for optimal tuning of torsional vibration behavior.

The extremely flexible versions of the VULKARDANF set new standards, effectively preventing noise, especially in small gear systems.


Product Advantages VULKARDAN F

  1. Effective vibration damping and a high displacement capacity ensure the protection of connected units, contributing to a high availability of the drive system.
  2. Low weight provides protection for motor mounts and reduces service costs.
  3. Modular flywheels allow for fine-tuning and achieving the highest possible comfort levels after installation.
  4. Thanks to high and enduring power losses, the product is suitable for various drive and generator systems.
  5. Designed with very flexible characteristics, particularly effective in preventing gearbox noises, especially in F50 and smaller sizes, for high-performance transmissions.

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