VULKAN VULASTIK L is a highly flexible axial coupling used for various industrial applications and four qualities of rubber and silicone couplings are available in order to adjust the coupling according to different system needs.

VULASTIK L coupling parts include hub and flange body.

This disc element is vulcanized on its inner radius, the outer radius is connected to the flange cover by a plug tooth and can also be used for power generation and auxiliary drives.

VULASTIK L couplings are designed to operate in the T KN torque range from 0.40 kN•m to 40.0 kN•m and this VULASTIK L coupling is a flexible torque coupling that compensates for axial, angular and radial movements of connected equipment.

As a coupling, Vulkan Vulastic L Series 2800 is designed for performance in the TKN torque range of 0.40 kN•m to 20.0 kN•m.

Clutch Engineering offers Vulkan Vulastik L couplings, most commonly used in marine systems, auxiliary drives and generators.

There are different styles that allow changing the element without moving the adjacent machines and disconnecting and connecting. These couplings benefit from being very compact.

And hence it is used with suitable design for high power density motor. Vulastik L couplings are available with an elastic element in a standard design or in pairs.

Vulastik L couplings with an elastic element in a standard design, available in pairs.

The highly flexible VULKARDAN L elastomeric coupling, made for cardan shafts, provides good torsional tension and its main components, which include internal and external parts, are opposed to each other.

VULKARDAN L and P have additional damping due to their integrated bearings.

The time to use cardan shafts is when the drive car does not match the engine or when long distances must be traveled.

The diesel engine is used as a drive and coupling due to its flexibility, and the main components of the VULKARDAN L coupling are the highly flexible element and the internal and external parts of the coupling that are placed against each other.

This coupling is designed for heavy duty and high temperature applications and the new RS compound is able to withstand temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius and is resistant to oil in air or hydraulics and increases its torque rate up to 100%.

And its torque is between 0.16 kNm and 12.5 kNm

Typical applications: Marine propulsion, generators


VULASTIK XT basically features the successful VULASTIK L series, but optimized in design.

The new VULKAN VULASTIK XT group is a fast product with the best price for the generator set market and for industrial applications such as pumps, fans, compressors and blowers. It is also suitable for drives with diesel or gas engines in mobile applications such as trains, mobile machinery, etc


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