VULKAN’s coupling specialists have developed unique expertise in this section . vulkan coupling globally positioned analysis and calculation engineers are also happy to provide on-site support for torsional vibration calculation and calculation of the expected noise , including documentation, interpretation and development of individual customer solutions.

Vulkan Marine Category :

  • Tuges / tugboat coupling
  • Yacht coupling
  • Navy coupling
  • Dredging couling
  • Cruise and ferry coupling
  • Workboat coupling

Tuges / Tugboat coupling

Tugs or tugboats are vessels with propulsion engines used for  pushing or towing other ship or large buoyant objectshigh operating times, high load and the greatest possible maneuverability are characteristic demands placed on this type of ships. Since tugboats by their very nature perform their work almost constantly near the coast and thus in areas subject to increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the need for emission reductions is also increasing here.

To achieve good maneuverability, tugboats are usually equipped with propellers. There are various type of propellers on the world ,

Propellers in a Z arrangement or vertically arranged propellers. Common to these drive systems is that the engine power with engine speed is usually transmitted over a distance of several meters from the engine to the gearbox of the Rudder propeller.

For this section, VULKAN couplings provides both the torsionally flexible main coupling on the engine – usually of the highly flexible  VULKAN VULKARDAN E or VULAKAN RATO R type – and the VULKAN composite fiber shaft system.


Yacht coupling

Yachts are characterized by drive units optimized particularly for comfort and noise reduction. The engines used for these vessles are characterized by a high power density combined with high performance engine.

In conjunction with this lightweight construction, high demands are placed on optimum torsional vibration behavior, as well as the misalignment capacity of flexible couplings.

VULKAN coupling provides product portfolio for these vessels , comprising rubber mounts for gearboxes and engines, flexible rubber couplings between engine and gearbox, couplings on the propeller shaft optimized for misalignment or noise reduction.

For this vessels as well, VULKAN coupling enable the optimum operation of the drive unit through components adapted to one another, such as highly flexible vulkan RATO S, RATO R and

vulkan VULKARDAN F couplings, elastic mounts and composite shafts.


Navy coupling

Often the specifications need lightweight coupling solutions, but also non-magnetic designs. For optimum tuning of the units, VULKAN couplings offers special solutions based on the standard couplings range, in part by using non-magnetic materials, and in part with lightweight-construction composite shafts, as well as noise-reducing and large-displacement-absorbing shock mounts.

Dredgers coupling

VULKAN offers tailormade systems consisting of MESLU clutches and flexible RATO couplings for dredgers and cutter suction dredgers

For this dredgers , VULKAN offers the MESLU clutch system, a torsionally rigid double taper friction coupling combined with a flexible RATO coupling.

VULKAN coupling can offer the best solution for all dredger vessel includes shift couplings and highly flexible couplings. VULKAN offers the flexible RATO couplings.

Cruise ships coupling

Cruise ships are analogy in specific by a comfort-based selection of the propulsion concept. A low vibration and noise level must be responsible. Besides the requirements for optimum torsional vibration behavior, multi-engine applications with only elastically mounted 4 stroke engines , make high demands on the misalignment capacity of flexible couplings. Highly flexible RATO S and RATO R couplings meet these provisions.


Weight optimization and tranquility

In fast cruise , the weight optimization of the drive components is also an momentous consideration. With this in mind VULKAN coupling delivers solutions involving the use of light weight shafts.

Workboats coupling(tugboats, offshore supply vessels, inland navigation vessels, crew boats, fire-fighting boats , icebreakers, trawlers)


Ideal solutions for demanding drive section

VULKAN coupling provides the ideal solution for all of these demanding drive units:

Integral shaft support with VULKASTIK L couplings in combination with cardan shafts, the VULKARDAN F series for resilient -mounted engines, as well as the well-proven RATO coupling series.

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