The flange coupling BoWex-ELASTIC HEG

BoWex-ELASTIC HEG flange coupling is a pair of cardan shafts that are very flexible and for I.C engines.

This type of coupling has a simple bearing to obtain the loads produced by the cardan shaft.

In addition, there is a friction disc inside the coupling, which is axially embedded in it, which also reduces the shock mist.

Cardan shaft band is available for all types and 1 meter flange connection is also available for HEG type.


coupling is used in diesel engine combination with transfer box, generator, compressor, feed pump or high pressure pump when subjected to strong torsional vibrations.

The BoWex-ELASTIC flange coupling consists of a highly flexible rubber element that is torque-to-hole.

The inner axle plug must match the outer spline with the original Bowex type.

BoWex-ELASTIC is available in various hardnesses with a flange on the motor side and is available in specific dimensions for power up to 5000 kW.

BoWex-ELASTIC HEW couplings accept the deflection of machine parts to connect them.

In order to increase the service life, it should be kept as small as possible in relation to the radial and angular displacement, provided that the operating conditions are preserved.

Kindly keep in mind, when you are going to start up the coupling. You may hear different noise and watch vibrations occurring.

If you see any irregularity in the coupling when it is working, you should turn off the actuator and also the failures can be used to find the cause.

Also, for the BoWex-ELASTIC HEW leveling coupling, it should be connected to one of the machined surfaces of the hub from a hub on the shaft side.

Please notice while you want to use the coupling, the some necessary steps must be taken like:

We must remember that the figures in Tables 1 and 2 should not be used in parallel.

It should be noted that the radial and angular displacements must be used simultaneously and the allowed displacement figures can only be used.

proportionally (according to the picture number1 and 2 below).

  • The figures specified in the tables are the general standard figures that are applied up to the ambient temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, and guarantee the sufficient life of the Bowex-Elastic connection.

Displacement symbol between the speeds specific have to be interpolated accordingly.

  • With a number gauge or a ruler, you can check if it can be read with the allowed displacement of Tables 1 and 2 or not.

The coupling version BoWex-ELASTIC HE1/HE2

The BoWex-ELASTIC HE1/HE2 coupling version is a highly elastic flange coupling that can be used with special flange dimensions to connect to combustion engines.

This design of coupling with attached flange is made of polyamide and is available in five coupling sizes and six SAE flange sizes.

It also has the ability to work at a maximum working temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

By combining them with the hub, the inconsistency in the input and output can be avoided. And one of the uses of this type of coupling is on floats.

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