POLY-NORM flexiable

POLY-NORM AR coupling is used to transmit torsional vibration damping power.

The hubs are made of cast iron and are identical in design, and when installed, they are closed axially with set screws, and the hubs are pressed onto the shaft.

Poly-Norm is a simpler design of cast claw coupling and is widely used even in heavy industries

The 3-piece type can change the elastic element without disturbing the alignment of the shafts, and all the hub parts can be delivered without the desired hole.

Poly norm coupling is mostly used in the field of pumping as well as in the mechanical field.

POLY NORM coupling has the ability to use torque through elastomers between the cams to compensate displacements and reduce impacts.

The function of poly norm coupling is that it consists of two hubs and its cam part is placed in the special space of the hub. This special design allows to connect the shafts to each other.

One of the other advantages that can be mentioned is the compatibility with the variance through the kit.

as well as finding the distances of different shafts with the same main component, as well as their combination.

And the design of POLY NORM is in such a way that they are designed to transfer the torque between the drive and the driver, and its components are a rubber and two hubs.

POLY NORM couplings can be used in horizontal or vertical applications.

It can be installed on shafts up to 6.875 inches and has a maximum nominal torque of 118,600 inches.

The operating range that the Poly Norm coupling is capable of is starting from -30°C and ending at +80°C with a maximum temperature of +120°C.

The size of the POLY NORM coupling should be such that it does not deviate from the normal torque in working conditions.

Poly Norm coupling series that can be named and according to 94/9/CE standard: AR, ADR, AVR, AZR, AR/AZR, AZVR.

Description of POLY-NORM AR

For torques from 40 Nm up to 134 000 Nm.

Hub size from 28 up to 280 (maximum diameter 280 mm). Among the positive points of this type of coupling, it can be mentioned the ease of assembly and its bifurcation, and its temperature is -30 to +80 and maximum up to +120.

And it can easily transfer the torque and can be used for all types of machines and it is suitable for idea pump.


Description of POLY-NORM ADR:

It is made of 3-part.

For a torque range from 90 Nm to 134,000 Nm

And hub size from 38 to 280 (maximum diameter 280 mm)


 Description of POLY NORM AZR:


As the possibility to change the elastomer without separation.

For connecting long shafts.

made of 5 parts and the material of ring is NBR 78, It is necessary to separate the thrust bearing of the pump.

During drive vibrations

Stop the machine and disconnect the coupling and find out the cause of the vibrations and check the alignment, adjust if necessary

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