A new generation of Yanmar’s compact diesel engines, this three-cylinder, four-stroke engine produces 21 horsepower or 15.3 kW at 3,600 rpm. The 3YM20 naturally aspirated engine has been completely redesigned in terms of cylinder block and ignition system. As much as possible, this engine has been tried to be silent and vibration-free. The cylinders are placed vertically and cooling is done by water. The technology of direct fuel injection and swirl pre-combustion chamber, used in this engine, are in accordance with environmental laws and non-emission of pollution. Compact control panel, injector pump, electric stop solenoid and 60 amp alternator are installed as standard in the base model. For more electrical use, an 80 amp alternator is available as an option if you need it. Simple maintenance includes water pump, fuel filter, oil change. Also, the oil level measuring rod is located on the same side and in the front part of the engine. This engine can be ordered in two standard on-board and double-seal saildrive models in terms of power transmission system. The standard model is equipped with a Servo-Cone clutch that provides ratios of 2.21:1, 2.62:1 and 3.22:1 in forward motion and 3.06:1 in reverse motion. The saildrive version designed for the 2YM20C is equipped with a fixed mesh dog clutch that gives a gear ratio of 2.64:1 in forward and reverse motion.

Yanmar 6LT640 engine

The maximum power of this Yanmar four-stroke diesel engine is 470 kW or 640 horsepower at 2530 rpm. The linear arrangement of 6 cylinders and the volume of 8.71 liters are attractive features of this engine. The cooling system is of water cooling type and intercooler, the ignition system is of direct fuel injection type and common Bosch rail system. The breathing of 6LT640 is done in a forced way, i.e. a turbocharger. The proportional alternator is 90 amps and the weight of the engine without gearbox is 1125 kg.   RCD 2 IMO Tier 2 EPA Tier 3 EMC

The following items are included in the standard engine package:

24 V electrical system (single pole) Mounting brackets 90 amp and 24 volt alternator Extensive fresh water reservoir VC20 floating control system Combined exhaust pipe VC20 multifunction color display Switch panel Support panel

Yanmar 8LV370 engine

8LV series are high-speed motors whose speed range is between 550 and 3800 rpm. It can be adjusted to suit your needs. The 8LV370 is a four-stroke, turbocharged, water-cooled engine, made of 8 cylinders, V-shaped, and has a volume of 4.46 liters. The ignition system consists of a direct fuel injection system and a common Bosch rail system. The compression ratio of this engine is 15:8 and it uses a 120 amp and 12 volt alternator.      

Yanmar 2GM20 engine

It is installed in motor boats and sailboats and is of the inboard type. The sea water pump is on the left and the alternator is on the right. A two-cylinder, four-stroke engine and the volume of each cylinder is almost equal to a 300 ml soft drink can. It uses the Swirl pre-combustion chamber compression system. Technical specifications include maximum output power of 13.4 kW at 3600 rpm and weight of 114 kg. This figure is about 16 horsepower. To start the 2GM20 to a D.C. starter motor. 1 kW power is needed, and a 55 amp and 12 volt alternator is used to supply electricity and charge floating batteries.  
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