Due to the fact that different coupling models have a specific torque range, knowing the torque is very important for choosing the coupling model. For example, gear couplings and pin shaft couplings can withstand very high torques, while couplings such as Rotex couplings (or the so-called polyurethane couplings or polyurethane couplings market) and Bipex couplings or KB couplings in the torque range Common ones are used and couplings such as tire couplings have the ability to withstand low torques, so knowing the torque is one of the most important things for choosing the coupling model. On the other hand, knowing the torque is very important in choosing the coupling size and in First of all, the desired coupling is selected based on the torque, and then the shaft diameter is checked, and if the shaft diameter is not within the desired coupling size range, a higher size is used.


Another important criteria in choosing a coupling is temperature. In conditions where the temperature is high, all-metal couplings should be used, such as spring couplings (disc couplings or membrane couplings), gear couplings (gear couplings) or Chain couplings can be used even at low temperatures. Also, the temperature should be taken into account when choosing the coupling size, so that after calculating the initial torque, the temperature factor St should be multiplied by the obtained initial torque and the final torque obtained was used to select the size of the coupling.

Rotex coupling, Falk coupling, spring coupling, tire coupling, ordinary pin shaft coupling, KB coupling, chain coupling, Bepex coupling, gear coupling, Flanders pin shaft coupling, John Crane spring coupling


one of the other important factors in choosing the type of coupling is flexibility, if such conditions are needed in order to benefit from the flexibility of the coupling in two angular modes and the mode related to absorption of start and stop shocks. Flexible couplings or flexible couplings are used. Almost all the couplings in Iran, in the angular mode, the coupling compensates the angular misalignment to a great extent, and the tire coupling can be called High Flexible Coupling, which has misalignment or lack of durability. Also, couplings that have an interface (or spider, interface, rubber, rubber, buffer) are suitable for absorbing start and stop shocks, which include Rotax coupling, Bepex coupling, Pinney shaft coupling, KB coupling mentioned.

Getting rid of two shafts without moving: Among the important points that should be considered before choosing a coupling is that in some cases, due to various reasons such as the heavyness of the equipment, the difficulty of assembling the coupling, and also the conditions that require that Get rid of the desired coupling without moving. In such a situation, Iran Coupling is able to provide Rotex screw coupling and KB three-piece N-Eupex coupling, which is similar to the N-Eupex A sample. Due to its special design, these couplings can be released without shifting and moving the shafts. to be


Being a fuse:

Couplings have different uses in different conditions. In this situation, the couplings should not act as a fuse, and if it breaks due to shock, it may cause harmful effects. For example, if the coupling is used in lifting systems and it breaks for any reason and leads to a fall, it may lead to irreparable damages. If the couplings are used in situations where expensive equipment such as turbines, large pumps, fans, etc. are used, the coupling should act as a fuse to be able to withstand a sudden shock to the system. It acts as a fuse and acts as a fuse before damage occurs to the system and prevents damage. Therefore, before choosing a coupling, the conditions of the place of use of the coupling should be carefully checked, in which case Iran Coupling is ready to provide any advice on how to choose the coupling to the customers.

Lack of slack in the rotational movement: Another important thing in choosing the type of couplings are the cases where there should be no slack in the rotational movement of the coupling, such as when the control position is desired, in such cases, couplings without slack or zero backlash are used. Coupling High Rotex (polyurethane couplings) of Iran Coupling with GS interface and Shore 98, spring couplings or Disc Coupling, chain coupling, gear coupling have this capability.

Working environment:

The working environment of the coupling is one of the important things that should be taken into consideration when choosing the material used in the manufacture of the coupling. For example, in conditions where there is moisture, the couplings used must have a suitable coating, or the couplings must be made of stainless steel, as different coating methods are used in different conditions. Also, regarding the use of couplings that have intermediates (spider, connector, rubber, rubber, buffer) such as Rotex coupling and Bipex coupling of Iran, the coupling with spider polyurethane has good resistance in the conditions of oil and oily environment and should be the interface material in such conditions. should be considered as resistant materials.

Common names and terms of couplings and interfaces in the market:
Rotex Coupling (Rotex Coupling, jaw coupling, claw coupling, cast iron coupling, star coupling, polyurethane coupling, bridge coupling

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