The following formulas are used to select the coupling:   In this formula, P is the power of the engine in kilowatts and n is the revolutions of the engine. And the following relationship is used: Tkn = TN * SB * St * SR Click on Rotex Coupling to see the details of the factors mentioned above. T kn, take the result in the coupling selection table and select your coupling, note that the diameter of your shaft must be selected in the coupling range, otherwise you must use a higher size. For the better efficiency of the selected coupling, attention should be paid to points such as the balance and alignment of the couplings, because if the coupling is not balanced, the coupling interface will quickly disappear and lead to the coupling being damaged, and if the coupling is not aligned, This is the case and the misalignment tolerance is different for different couplings, which, of course, is negligible in the case of flexible couplings. It should be noted that the main criterion for choosing a coupling is torque and if necessary, the shaft diameter is used to ensure the correct size selection, and if the desired coupling shaft diameter is not in the range of the selected coupling, using the tables for each We use the coupling model to select the coupling.
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