Seawide proudly serves as the authorized distributor for the state-of-the-art CENTA CENTAX-V Couplings, offering expert support ranging from delving into new applications to providing essential parts support and troubleshooting assistance for your existing coupling systems. A standout in the CENTAX-V series, these couplings encompass torsionally soft intermediate couplings and bearing support tailored for universal joint shafts, specifically designed for applications in construction equipment, ship propulsion drives, and locomotives. This incredibly versatile coupling exhibits high torsional flexibility with linear characteristics, ensuring reliable performance across various scenarios. For cardan driveshafts, the CENTAX-V series guarantees the secure transmission of torque through a highly flexible, pre-compressed rubber-in-shear element featuring precision-centered bearings. The CENTAX-V goes beyond mere functionality, offering substantial damping of vibrations and noise, resulting in smooth operation and an extended service life for interconnected units and gears. Ventilated with a high allowable energy loss, this coupling prioritizes effective heat dissipation, preventing overheating during operation and ensuring sustained performance. Economically priced and readily available with various standard SAE flywheel connections and hubs to accommodate a range of shaft flanges, the CENTAX-V proves its adaptability. For larger deflection angles, the use of CENTA-FH flange housings is recommended, enhancing the coupling’s performance. Whether you’re eager to explore the CENTAX-V Coupling for your upcoming application or require crucial parts support for your existing coupling system, Seawide stands ready to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring all your coupling needs are met with precision and expertise.
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