Seawide proudly serves as the authorized distributor for the innovative CENTA CENTAX-TT Couplings, offering specialized support for everything from embarking on new applications to providing essential parts support and troubleshooting for your existing coupling systems. Tailor-made for heavy-duty and high-speed applications, the CENTAX-TT stands out as a compact twin torque coupling, delivering exceptional performance within a high torque range. Its ingenious design features two concentrically arranged, pre-compressed “twin” rubber segments working in unison to efficiently transmit torque. Primarily employed in demanding settings such as ship propulsion and generator sets, the CENTAX-TT boasts medium torsional stiffness. Adaptability in torsional characteristics is a key feature, allowing for the adjustment of rubber segment numbers and arrangements to cater to diverse configurations. Beyond its technical prowess, the CENTAX-TT excels at damping torsional vibrations and shock loads. Its flexibility shines as it adeptly compensates for axial and radial misalignments, making it an ideal solution for various applications. With effective ventilation to accommodate high admissible energy loss, the CENTAX-TT proves its resilience in challenging environments. Notably, its effortless mounting and replaceability without disturbing surrounding coupled components make it a compact, low-maintenance coupling solution. Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of integrating a CENTAX-TT Coupling into your next application or seeking crucial parts support for your existing coupling system, Seawide is your reliable partner, committed to providing comprehensive assistance for all your coupling needs.
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