Seawide proudly stands as the authorized distributor for the advanced CENTA CENTAX-SEC-L Couplings, backed by seasoned experts dedicated to guiding you through new applications, providing essential parts support, and adeptly troubleshooting your existing coupling systems. The CENTAX-SEC-L emerges as a highly elastic link coupling, showcasing exceptional misalignment adaptability tailored for soft-mounted drives. The rubber element boasts superior torsional and radial flexibility, accompanied by links that exhibit flexibility in both axial and angular directions. Distinguished by its heightened torsional flexibility, the CENTAX-SEC-L can be seamlessly adapted to a myriad of applications through the choice of single or multi-row arrangements and the adjustment of shore hardness. Tackling torsional vibrations and shock loads with finesse, this coupling minimizes wear and tear on surrounding equipment. The SEC-L adeptly compensates for substantial axial, radial, and angular misalignments, ensuring effective ventilation and permitting a high allowable energy loss. Beyond its technical prowess, the CENTAX-SEC-L delivers reliable acoustic damping and functions as a fail-safe device, providing crucial protection against driveline failures. Available with options for a ring element or a segmented rubber element, along with a variety of flanges and hubs, the CENTAX-SEC-L emerges as the quintessential high misalignment coupling solution. Whether you’re delving into the possibilities of the CENTAX-SEC-L Coupling for your next application or seeking indispensable parts support for your existing coupling system, Seawide is your steadfast partner, ready to meet your needs comprehensively.
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