Seawide proudly serves as the authorized distributor for CENTA CENTAMAX-S Couplings, offering expert support across a spectrum of services—from tackling new applications to providing essential parts support and troubleshooting for your existing coupling. The CENTAMAX-S stands as a remarkably dependable rubber-in-shear solution, designed to flawlessly transmit high torques. Its compact dimensions make it particularly well-suited for confined spaces. Torque transmission in the CENTAMAX-S is achieved through an interlocked, toothed outer ring, ensuring a dependable and high-torque transfer with a distinctive torsional flexibility featuring linear characteristics. Beyond its torque transmission capabilities, the CENTAMAX-S excels in dampening torsional vibrations and shock loads. Engineered to compensate for axial, radial, and angular misalignments, this coupling is available with additional design options such as oil-resistant silicone or CENTALAN-HT for enhanced heat resistance. The plug-in version enhances user convenience, offering a straightforward assembly process with minimal mounting effort. Whether you’re exploring the CENTAMAX-S Coupling for a new application or in need of parts support for your existing coupling, rest assured that Seawide has you covered with comprehensive and reliable assistance.
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