Seawide proudly stands as the authorized distributor for CENTA CENTAMAX-G Couplings, offering expert support across a spectrum of services—from delving into new applications to delivering crucial parts support and troubleshooting for your existing coupling. The CENTAMAX-G has been meticulously crafted for generator and pump drives with significant torsional activity. Torque transmission to the rubber element occurs through the interlocked outer flywheel flange, ensuring a robust connection. Featuring the high-temperature-tolerant CENTALAN-HT elastomer, a synthetic material designed to match the dynamic characteristics of natural rubber mixtures. Distinguished by its high torsional flexibility with linear characteristics, the CENTAMAX-G couplings effectively dampen torsional vibrations and absorb shock loads while adeptly compensating for axial, radial, and angular misalignments. The CENTAMAX-G comes equipped with an industry-standard taper-locking bushing, facilitating quick and straightforward installation. Engineered for compatibility with engine and generator connections according to DIN-6281, this coupling also offers SAE flywheel connections and a plug-in version for easy assembly and mounting. Whether you’re considering a CENTAMAX-G Coupling for a new application or seeking parts support for your existing coupling, rest assured that Seawide has you covered with comprehensive and reliable assistance.
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