The types of industrial couplings available in the Iranian market and can be provided by seawide are as follows:

1- Rotex coupling (claw coupling, flexible coupling, solar coupling, jaw coupling)

2- Spring coupling (flexible coupling, disc coupling, John Crane)

3- Ropex coupling (pinny shaft coupling, halopin coupling, pin and bush coupling)

4- N-EUPEX coupling (bite coupling, KB coupling)

5- Tire couplings (elpex-b couplings, Farguni couplings)

6- Falk couplings (Gird Coupling, spring coupling)

7- gear coupling

8-chain coupling

9- Vane coupling (Bipex coupling)

10-encoder couplings or miniature couplings

11-Magnetic coupling

12- Torque Limiting Coupling

13- Sleeve couplings

14-Flanged couplings

15- Diaphragm Couplings

16- Hydraulic couplings (Hydraulic Coupling or Fluid Coupling)

17- Oldham Coupling

18- John Crane spring coupling.


The types of seawide polyurethane and rubber interfaces are as follows:

Click to see the types of centamax coupling and see the types of coupling with two different qualities.

Rotex coupling interface:

This connector is made of polyurethane and is offered by Seawide in two sizes: 92 and 98. One of its prominent features is the name of Bagheri, which is engraved on the connectors (rubbers) and its dimensions match the dimensions. The Rotex coupling interface is made by KTR, Germany.

It should be noted that these interfaces are also known by names such as shock absorber, spider, interface, solar interface, polyurethane interface, Bagheri interface, etc.

KB coupling interface:

This type of rubbers or spiders are of rubber type and are H-shaped and its material is NBR.

Pin shaft coupling interface:

This type of connectors was made of NBR material and can be provided by seawide in two forms, cylindrical connectors and barrel connectors.

In addition to the mentioned rubbers or buffers, it is possible to provide interfaces or rubbers related to other types of industrial couplings.

Bit coupling interface (HRC):

The interface (spider, intermediary, rubber) of HRC coupling is from the family of solar couplings and is made of rubber and is known as 6-ply tires.

One of the main differences between the HRC interface and the Rotex coupling interface is the difference in material, so that in the Rotex coupling, the interface is made of polyurethane, while in the HRC coupling, the interfaces are made of rubber. It is possible to point out the difference in the number of spokes of these two interface models. The number of HRC coupling interface spokes is less than the number of Rotex coupling interface spokes.

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