seawide has the ability to produce spring couplings (disc couplings) according to different samples and drawings, and it does this work in the shortest time and with the highest quality. Spring couplings or disc couplings (DISC COUPLING) are used in various petrochemical industries, cement and mining companies, and most steel companies, etc. To view the coupling catalog, refer to the page related to spring coupling in the products. Examples of springs produced by seawide can be mentioned as follows:  

The advantages of these couplings are as follows:

The use of spring couplings (disk couplings) at high temperatures due to the lack of use of elastomeric intermediates or polyurethane rubber (spring couplings or disk couplings instead of using elastomeric interfaces or shock absorbers from Shimz or membrane) (memberain) is used, which is all metal and has no restrictions for use at high temperatures) The use of these couplings (steel coupling or spring coupling) as couplings without backlash and zero baklash (due to the use of special screws with high precision) The use of spring couplings due to the use of shims or membranes instead of polyurethane or elastomeric spiders leads to the use of these couplings in smaller sizes than couplings with elastomeric interface and in sensitive places where the moment of inertia is important. It makes the movement very smooth and stable. The disc of these couplings (spring, shims, membrane) consists of thin metal sheets that are connected together, and this design leads to increasing the flexibility of the coupling and taking start and stop shocks as well as possible shocks during work. to be Other advantages of spring couplings include the production of these couplings with a spacer, which can provide the required length, and Seawide Coupling has the ability to provide this model of disc couplings with a spacer length of 3 meters.
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